Az.Ag. Unterholzner Ivo
Ita Eng Deu

A sundowner by the sea, a drink with a friend, an aperitif on a terrace, an original bottle to bring to dinner or something to sip as you unwind by yourself… The taste of ALIBIS is ideal for every occasion!


Extra dry organic sparkling wine

With a delightfully fruity flavour featuring a slightly acidulous touch that makes it very pleasant on the palate, ALIBIS is an unforgettable sparkling wine that’s bursting with personality…

On its own

This light, pleasant and refreshing sparkling wine presents an entrancing blend of sweetness and acidity on the palate. Delicate and fragrant with a moderate alcohol content, it can cater perfectly to all tastes: try it and you’ll see!


ALIBIS is the perfect choice when you want to get creative with cocktails or mix together all sorts of inventive ingredients: fruit, liqueurs, spices… there’s no end to the range of potential recipes!